GNSS signal authentication

Qascom is one of the pioneer in satellite navigation authentication, supporting the European Commission, the European Space Agency, space industries and governments in the research, design and development of advanced GNSS signal authentication schemes. Currently Qascom is in charge of the design and development of authentication schemes for the Galileo Commercial Service, as part of the European contract called Galileo CS Demonstrator; the CS service is dedicated to the professional markets and will offer high accuracy and authentication. Qascom is also designing and developing authentication algorithms for EGNOS, contributing to the concept definition of more secure augmented systems for safety critical applications such as flying aircraft or navigating ships. Thanks to different ESA activities, Qascom is also involved in the definition of Galileo authentication evolutions, to be combined with innovative receiver’s robust solutions. Remote processing authentication solutions, applicable to encrypted GNSS signals, have been developed and tested to enable the use of low cost and keyless receivers also in public regulated services. Our continuous strong investment in R&D activities and close collaboration with government agencies enables Qascom to offer an unmatchable support in the definition and implementation of state of the art GNSS authentication schemes for the GNSS evolution. All these activities at signal level, coupled with the extensive expertise on robust receivers and software/hardware security, allows Qascom to offer a full suite of security measures from the ground infrastructure to the space signal and finally down to the final user.

Pioneering the Future of GNSS Authentication

Qascom is leading the domain of GNSS authentication both at system and user segment since 2004. In the last 15 years the founders and staff have pioneered, developed and patented most of the schemes being considered to date in different navigation systems.

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Safety and Security first: Vulnerability and Risk

We perform vulnerability assessments of financial and critical infrastructures against the most sophisticated attacks targeting Satellite navigation systems (GPS, Galileo) and satellite communication.

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Interference Detection and Localization

Qascom offers services and products for GNSS spoofing detection and mitigation for the receivers. This includes mitigation strategies at IF level, acquisition, tracking and position solution domain.

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Protection and Robustness of your Receiver

At user segment, Qascom offers services for GNSS antispoofing, including the detection and mitigation of all intentional interferences.

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