Interference geo-localization

Qascom offers services for the research and development of RF interference detection and localization systems. The services are tailored to different domains including:
- Space assets (satellites);
- Fixed ground infrastructures (airports, harbours, power grids, financial institutions);
- Mobile assets (trains, hazardous material tracking, airplanes, vessels).

Current activities in such domains are performed for space agencies, large industries in the space and defence sectors. Qascom strong innovation in these domains is performed also thanks to different projects co-funded by the European Commission and the European GNSS Agency. For space assets, the company produces various interference geolocation techniques to be exploited in the satellites on board equipment. Flexible and modular software simulator tools, developed with contracts for the European Space Agency, are used in the assessment of the satellite interference geolocation performances. Intentional and unintentional interference geolocation in ground infrastractures is achieved thanks to a network of sensors, installed strategically in specific areas, which communicate to a central control server in case of interference detection. The central control server performs interference geolocation and alerts the competent authority for a prompt interference removal. Interference detection in mobile assets is mainly focused in applications such as railways, maritime and avionics. Interference geolocation solutions are embedded in the mobile asset and provide the location of the interferer even in dynamic environments. Often, the solution is coupled with mitigation techniques which not only detect the interference but additionally minimize its impact.
In this domain, Qascom offers services or products from the interference geolocation software licenses to the delivery of the complete hardware and software solution.

Pioneering the Future of GNSS Authentication

Qascom is leading the domain of GNSS authentication both at system and user segment since 2004. In the last 15 years the founders and staff have pioneered, developed and patented most of the schemes being considered to date in different navigation systems.

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Safety and Security first: Vulnerability and Risk

We perform vulnerability assessments of financial and critical infrastructures against the most sophisticated attacks targeting Satellite navigation systems (GPS, Galileo) and satellite communication.

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Interference Detection and Localization

Qascom offers services and products for GNSS spoofing detection and mitigation for the receivers. This includes mitigation strategies at IF level, acquisition, tracking and position solution domain.

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Protection and Robustness of your Receiver

At user segment, Qascom offers services for GNSS antispoofing, including the detection and mitigation of all intentional interferences.

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