Qascom has developed a set of products for GNSS signal simulation, satellite vulnerability assessment, interference simulation. The products aim to support industries in the assessment of RF risks and development of an appropriate mitigation. All the products can be integrated with other Qascom and third party tools to create a full testbed (including for example signal simulators, receivers, tools for the assessment of the adopted mitigation techniques). Qascom products and testbeds are already used by a variety large industries and agencies in the space domain.

GNSS software simulation

QA707 is a fully configurable GNSS Software Defined Radio (SDR) simulator for flexible generations of GNSS signals, interferences and authentication schemes up to RF level.

Satellite security testbed

SVTB is a Software Defined Radio (SDR) simulator for testing of satellite telecommand signals against interferences and higher level attacks.

SimSAFE: Spirent’s SimGen controller enabling interference tests

SimSAFE™ is a tool that, connected to Spirent’s simulators, enable the assessment of the vulnerability of a GNSS receiver under test to deliberate "spoofing" or "meaconing" attacks.