Vulnerability assessment

Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) is becoming the fifth public utility after water, electricity, oil & gas and telecommunications; on top of the consumer applications, it is used in most of the critical infrastructures for time or position. We support industries in designing and developing robust solutions by increasing the security of the applications using GNSS. We perform vulnerability assessment of critical infrastructures, products and applications against space cyber security risks, including those solutions using satellite navigation systems (like GPS, Glonass and Galileo) as a source of time or position. The strong knowledge in all the satellite navigation segments and applications allows Qascom to assess with the clients the security requirements, feared events, risks and impacts, vulnerabilities and finally the appropriate mitigations. When needed, Qascom’s GNSS tools allow real life tests of applications using GNSS under different intentional or non-intentional inferences, still in a secure and controlled environment. Specific assessment are usually performed for safety critical, liability, and regulated application as well as road in general, aviation, rail, timing and synchronization, maritime, location based services applications.

Pioneering the Future of GNSS Authentication

Qascom is leading the domain of GNSS authentication both at system and user segment since 2004. In the last 15 years the founders and staff have pioneered, developed and patented most of the schemes being considered to date in different navigation systems.

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Safety and Security first: Vulnerability and Risk

We perform vulnerability assessments of financial and critical infrastructures against the most sophisticated attacks targeting Satellite navigation systems (GPS, Galileo) and satellite communication.

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Interference Detection and Localization

Qascom offers services and products for GNSS spoofing detection and mitigation for the receivers. This includes mitigation strategies at IF level, acquisition, tracking and position solution domain.

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Protection and Robustness of your Receiver

At user segment, Qascom offers services for GNSS antispoofing, including the detection and mitigation of all intentional interferences.

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