GNSS anti-spoof and anti-jam solutions

Qascom offers engineering services to industries and space agencies for enhancing the robustness of GNSS receivers, applications and critical infrastructures against GNSS vulnerabilities. Experience with spoofing/jamming detection and mitigation algorithms at receiver level includes the use of inertial sensors, RAIM, trusted clocks, signal of opportunities, SEDLL (Spoofing Estimating Delay Lock Loop), remote processing authentication servers, vehicle’s CAN bus, assisted our autonomous solutions. The robust solutions specific to GNSS are coupled with and extensive expertise in software and hardware security, cryptography, key management, distributed infrastructures and telecommunication. The combination allows Qascom to offer services which protects not only the receiver, but the entire application. Specific solutions have been developed and tested for road, regulated applications, aviation, timing and synchronization, rail, maritime, location based services applications. Qascom’s know how is also extended to design and validation of tamper detection hardware and secure software modules. Qascom has been one of the first company worldwide to introduce the concept of Trusted receivers in the civil domain, starting in 2009 with the TIGER project, a co-funded by the European GNSS Agency (GSA). Interference mitigation solutions constitute the natural evolution of the other services and products offered by Qascom, including vulnerability assessment of applications using the satellite navigation and the GNSS signal interference simulators test-beds.

Pioneering the Future of GNSS Authentication

Qascom is leading the domain of GNSS authentication both at system and user segment since 2004. In the last 15 years the founders and staff have pioneered, developed and patented most of the schemes being considered to date in different navigation systems.

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Safety and Security first: Vulnerability and Risk

We perform vulnerability assessments of financial and critical infrastructures against the most sophisticated attacks targeting Satellite navigation systems (GPS, Galileo) and satellite communication.

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Interference Detection and Localization

Qascom offers services and products for GNSS spoofing detection and mitigation for the receivers. This includes mitigation strategies at IF level, acquisition, tracking and position solution domain.

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Protection and Robustness of your Receiver

At user segment, Qascom offers services for GNSS antispoofing, including the detection and mitigation of all intentional interferences.

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